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Re: snmpd

"Steve Lamb" <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> writes:
>     I see that we have the CMU snmpd.  However, a few coworkers have said
> that the other (UCD?) snmpd is much better.  Is this true or not?  If so, any
> plans by anyone to debainize it?

I can't speak for him, but David Engel is the maintainer for our
current snmp code, and I've talked with him at various times over the
last few months about ucd.

He has begun debianizing ucd, but it obviously won't make it for
slink.  Depending on our time commitments, I suspect one or the other
of us (I've got a copy of his initial stab at ucd---I was hoping to
get it done for slink, but ran out of time) will get something out
before too long (I'd guess end of November at the latest).


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