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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

Ben Armstrong wrote:

> A simple script be written to grep the output of 'dpkg -L packagename' for
> .gz files in man or doc directories, and test for the existence of
> ungzipped versions.  If it finds files ungzipped, it could gzip them back
> up.  This script could be run before upgrading a package. 
> If such a script were written, Peter could use it to manually fix up
> his "corrupted" ;) docs before upgrading.  If it works well, perhaps
> it could later be hooked into dpkg so that it is automatically run
> prior to upgrading a package.

Thanks Ben, that's a nice idea.

My suggestions was aimed towards the new users (rather than for myself) so
the script itself is of limited general use.  But I'm use if _I_ had such a
script I'd feel better about uncompressing more files and leaving them

The following _lists_ uncompressed files.  It would be trivial to add
re-compression.  I found some surprises running it! Uncompressed man pages
from a time I installed XFree from tar balls... So I wasn't reading
up-to-date man pages after all...

while (</var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list>) {
    open (FILE, "<$_");
    while (<FILE>) {
        if ((/(.+)\.gz$/) && (-e $1)) { 
            print "$1\n" }
    close FILE;

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