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Re: PROPOSAL: one debian list for all porting efforts

Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org> writes:

> John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:
> > around compiling all the i386 stuff for the other archs.  But nobody
> > goes around compiling the stuff from the other archs for i386!  So if
> > I suddenly do all my package development on Alpha, the Alpha will have 
> > the current versions, and perhaps the Sparc and m68k too, but i386
> > will be obsolete!  Fix anybody?
> I have been compiling the enscript package for i386, which Hartmut Koptein
> maintains on powerpc. So there are people doing this, it just isn't
> widespread at the moment.

Excellent.  Is there some sort of automated mechanism like the other
platforms have?  (That is, packages get automatically build on these
other platforms)?

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