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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 05:31:10PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> Hmm. We have zless to less gz'd files.

zless nothing, a simple lesspipe.sh works great, for bigger stuff a not
so simple lesspipe.sh (Can give a real complete one if you want, its
what I use) works GREAT...

Gives file listings for .tar's, handles .bz2 and .gz compression on a
file transparently, gives nice readouts for .deb's and .rpm's, renders
groffs (man pages), and transparently handles uuencoded files (under
.uxx, .uux, and .uue) 

And its designed in such a way that something like
less foo.tar.gz.uue.bz2.uue.gz
works perfectly.. (=:]

Zephaniah E, Hull.
> Mike Stone
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