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Re: octave-plplot: intention to package

On 15-Oct-1998, Joao Cardoso <jcardoso@inescn.pt> wrote:

| Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
| > Hurrying before the slink freeze, here is my intention to package:
| >
| >  Package: octave-plplot
| >  Version: 0.3-1


| > [This will be a great improvement for Octave, IMHO.]
| >
| > Actually, I already packaged it.  It is lintian-clean and all the demos
| > are working.  I have just a problem with the copyright, as there is no
| > copyright notice in the upstream source.  I obtained it from the
| > octave-sources mailing list, so I am assuming that it is in the public
| > domain.
| I know nothing about copyrights, so I  include none in the sources.
| My intention is that plplot_octave could be available in a future release of
| Octave, if Octave's author wants to. If including it in a Debian release
| disallows my intention, than I would not approve it.
| As I told before, my intention is to enable it to be used as Octave
| is, with a GNU General Public License (which I have never fully read
| :-)) .  If you want to add/include in all modified sources or
| scripts the GNU licence header, I will be happy (if this is still
| possible after I have put the package un-intentionally in the public
| domain).
| Anyway, I already have latter versions, but they are not packaged
| for public usage.
| Thanks,
| Joao
| PS- John Eaton: do you have any comments?

I don't have any objection to this being distributed as a separate
Debian package.  Eventually, it may make it in to the core Octave
distribution in some form, but I can't say yet when that might happen.



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