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Re: Et voila! (was: Re: Slink not installable from CDs)

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > Heiko Schlittermann has written a new dselect installation method
> > that supports multiple cds.[1]  The reason why he hasn't uploaded
> > it yet is that it depends on a hax0red version of dpkg-scanpackages
> > to support a new field for each package "CD" which contains the
> > CD on which the package is stored.
> I have negotiated myself with Heiko, picked the package from him,
> debugged and grok'ed it, verified it, wrote some documentation for it,
> corrected some text, completed it with a specialized version of
> dpkg-scanpackages, included an adjusted manpage and got Che_Fox to
> proofread the text.

I don't much care for the notion of a single master package file on the
first CD.. I rather was intending APT to read the package files from each
CD and use that to determine what is on which CD. (This fits with the URI
scheme, X-Media does not) Can we perhaps have a Packages.AllCds in some
dir that has this header and leave the normal package files with their
normal meaning (.debs avail at that URI)


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