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Re: Removing Packages in Slink for Debian 2.1

>>>>> "David" == David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> writes:
    David> Well, what happens when lots of people try it, see that it
    David> is broken, and associate Gnome with being broken and
    David> unstable?  That said, I don't think that will happen if it
    David> is loudly declared to be *ALPHA SOFTWARE*, and I think
    David> everyone will benefit from more copies being distributed,
    David> and vote in favor of shipping.

While you're all on this thread, what about mozilla?

I was going to ask Brian for an extension for mozilla as I won't make
00:00 Saturday GMT, but if you're throught out alpha packages maybe I
should do something else this week-end?

Perl is really designed more for the guys that will hack Perl at least
20 minutes a day for the rest of their career.  TCL/Python is more a
"20 minutes a week", and VB is probably in that "20 minutes a month"
group. :) -- Randal Schwartz

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