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Re: PGP in the US (Re: formal documents)

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

> This reminds me of a joke; unfortunately I couldn't track it down
> in a quick look on altavista and I haven't any more time to look for it.
> In short, a man attends several days of a trade show and each day
> tells a security guard that today he will steal many things and yesterday
> he stole many good things. He is stealing ideas.

% fortune -m 'stealing ideas'
        There once was a man who went to a computer trade show.  Each day as
he entered, the man told the guard at the door:
        "I am a great thief, renowned for my feats of shoplifting.  Be
forewarned, for this trade show shall not escape unplundered."
        This speech disturbed the guard greatly, because there were millions
of dollars of computer equipment inside, so he watched the man carefully.
But the man merely wandered from booth to booth, humming quietly to himself.
        When the man left, the guard took him aside and searched his clothes,
but nothing was to be found.
        On the next day of the trade show, the man returned and chided the
guard saying: "I escaped with a vast booty yesterday, but today will be even
better."  So the guard watched him ever more closely, but to no avail.
        On the final day of the trade show, the guard could restrain his
curiosity no longer. "Sir Thief," he said, "I am so perplexed, I cannot live
in peace.  Please enlighten me.  What is it that you are stealing?"
        The man smiled.  "I am stealing ideas," he said.
                -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"

I've seen the entire Tao available to download somewhere.

	 Carey Evans  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/

        "So, do you steal weapons from the Army often?"
        "Well, we don't get cable, so we have to make our own fun."

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