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Re: PGP in the US (Re: formal documents)

On Sun, Oct 04, 1998 at 07:57:40AM -0700,
Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:

> > I'm a Japanese living in the United States, but not a permanent
> > resident. I've heared that the usage of PGP in the States by
> > a person like me is controversial. I posted this qestion to some
> > related Mailing-Lists (such as mutt-users).
> > Someone said "No problem", someone said "You shouldn't use it".
> > I'm very confused.
> If you brought it with you (and can PROVE it) there is probably no problem
> in theory.

Yes, my PGP is an international version which was built in Japan,
and I brought it in my laptop. But of course I can't prove it.

I've considered to join Debian maintainer before.
But I gave up it because the PGP problem is not clear.

Thanks for the responce.

Kikutani, Makoto  kikutani@sprintmail.com
                  kikutani@debian.or.jp (Linux related only)

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