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formal documents

hi, I have a question about the procedure to become a maintainer.

   You should also include some mechanism by which we can verify your
   real-life identity. For example, any of the following mechanisms would
     * A PGP or RSA key signed by any well-known signature, such as any
       current Debian developer.
     * A scanned (or physically mailed) copy of any formal documents
       certifying your identity (such as a birth certificate, national ID
       card, U.S. Driver's License, etc.). Please sign the image with
       your PGP or RSA key.

Do you accept a passport as the above formal documents ?
How about Japan Driver's License ? (this is written only in
Japanese though)


Kikutani, Makoto  kikutani@sprintmail.com
                  kikutani@debian.or.jp (Linux related only)

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