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Re: Freeze in 7 days??? (was Re: perl version depends)

> > 1) Don't we have to recompile all our ncurses-based apps against 4.2?
> If we want all the ncurses-based apps to use the same version of ncurses,
> yes. I'm not sure if we have to, though if I were the release manager, I
> wouldn't release 2.1 before all ncurses-based apps used the same version.
> > 2) Are we really going to freeze slink in 7 days?
> Yes.
> > I see that 1) and 2) don't mix very well.
> That depends on what type of changes the release manager will accept into
> frozen. Brian, could you please state what your plans in this regard are?

The general guideline for "frozen" is:

	no new code

A recompile with a new package is fine.  Fixes to make something work with
a change in another package is also fine.

Please refrain from making changes to ncurses, though, once the freeze
begins.  It's unfair to ask people to continually recompile because
of this.

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