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Re: pine in other distributions

On Sun, Oct 04, 1998 at 11:34:18AM -0400, Kikutani Makoto wrote:
> I'm sorry, Pine again (and again and...).
> Does anybody know if other distributions (RedHat, slack...)
> have Pine package ?


> If they have it, I assume their license policy is not hard as Debian.

Either they break the pine license or they distribute pine as compiled by
pristine source, known bugs and all.  Debian applies bugfixes and the
license which accompanies pine---not Debian's restrictions but UW's---keeps
pine out of even non-free.  =< Complain to UW about this if you like, but I
suspect you'll be talking to a brick wall there.

> I know one Japanese company is selling Linux CDs which contain
> a Japanese version of Pine. 
> In fact, the company is PHT Japan. Strictly speaking, their distribution
> isn't RedHat, but almost the same type distribution using RPM.
> makoto
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