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Intent to package octave-sp

I intent to release an 'octave-sp' package. This will contain the
'semidef-oct' port by A.S.Hodel of the 'semidef' package by Lieven
Vandenberghe <vandenbe@esat.kuleuven.ac.be> and Stephen Boyd
<boyd@isl.stanford.edu>. It provides functions for semidefinite programming
which can be used to solve nonlinear convex optimization problems.

The semidef package contains the following statement in the file COPYRIGHT:

    Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for 
    any purpose without fee is hereby granted, provided that this entire 
    notice is included in all copies of any software which is or includes
    a copy or modification of this software and in all copies of the 
    supporting documentation for such software.
    This software is being provided "as is", without any express or 
    implied warranty.  In particular, the authors do not make any
    representation or warranty of any kind concerning the merchantability
    of this software or its fitness for any particular purpose.

The additional code by A. S. Hodel is released under the GNU GPL. 

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