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Re: How about using bzip2 as the standard *.deb compression format?

Christopher Barry <cbarry@2xtreme.net> writes:

> If your mighty 386/25

a) cut out the sarcasm, it's uncalled for.

b) get your facts right, it's not a 386, it's a 386/25 equivalent[1]
   as I said already.

> with 4MB can make World the entire X distribution and custom kernels
> then surely it won't sweat a little bit of bzip2 decompressing...

I didn't say it wouldn't; I was trying to point out what complete
rubbish "Old/slow/lomem machines can't properly compile X or Mozilla
anyway." was.

I'm not interested in the bzip2 discussion per se, because it seems
like your average Debian discussion, with lots of people ra-ra-ing but
no danger of anyone actually getting down and doing any real work.

> and since you spend a lot less time downloading a bzip2ed *.deb,

That depends entirely on one's network connection.  The time saved on
my network connection for the previous 3 years wouldn't have actually
been measurable.

> the extra time bzip2 would take by swapping and thrashing the disk
> should balance out nicely.

IYO and IYE.  Mileage does vary.

[1] It's actually a 68030@16 with the mother of all brain dead
motherboard designs which slows it down by a factor of 2 or so.  As
you can see, I'm not overly proud of the machine, quite the opposite
in fact.


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