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Re: PGP in the US (Re: formal documents)

On 1998/10/04, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Kikutani Makoto writes:
> > Yes, my PGP is an international version which was built in Japan, and I
> > brought it in my laptop.
> The international version infringes the RSA patent and so the owner of the
> patent (PKP?) could theoretically sue you for using it in the US.  All they
> could get is an injunction ordering you to stop, though.  There is no real
> chance that they would bother.  If you are feeling paranoid, delete your
> international version and install the US one.
> > But of course I can't prove it.
> There is no reason why you would need to do so.  The munitions export laws
> (unrelated to the patent issue) forbid the export of strong pgp from the
> US, regardless of its origin.  You are safe from those as long as you stay
> in the US.  Theoretically, you should delete pgp from your laptop before
> you take it home.

I seem to recall that transfer of cryptographic software to a non-US 
citizen is already considered export in the US.


	- Ruud de Rooij.

Ruud de Rooij

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