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Re: vat & tcl8.0.3

On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 12:27:17PM -0700, Alex Romosan wrote:
> can somebody who know more about tcl (maybe even the tcl maintainer)
> take a look at this? i appreciate any help. thank you.

I (the Tcl maintainer) don't have time to do this right now.  Sorry.

On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 12:28:26PM -0700, David Welton wrote:
> Is Tcl 8.0.3 stable enough to go in slink?  I've seen a lot of things
> in c.l.tcl that seem to indicate that it has some problems..  Anyone
> more in the know than I am care to comment?

The only other Debian problem with Tcl 8.0.3 that I know of is with
tkined (part of scotty) and that will be fixed soon.  The only other
problems that I have seen in c.l.tcl are with the Windows version.

David Engel

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