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Re: Uploaded tmpreaper 1.4.8 (source i386) to master

Rob Browning wrote:
> Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:
> > tmpreaper already uses the access time; the problem is where an
> > ssh-agent session is running for a long time without being accessed.
> > Perhaps ssh-agent should be modified so that it does a periodic access
> > on its sockets. e.g. once a day...  These sockets being removed must be
> > a problem on other (unix) systems as well...
> That sounds like a reasonable idea.  Helps everyone.  I like that
> better than an exception list.

I can't say I agree. It feels like a hack. What if the ssh-agent is running,
but suspended, for several days?

I just had a wacky idea - why not use something similar to lsof to figure
out what processes have files in /tmp open. If any process have a file open,
don't delete it. Would that be a more general solution? (It might slow
tmpreaper down too much, though).

see shy jo

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