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Re: Gnome 0.30 x KDE.

Paulo Jose da Silva e Silva <paulojs@leia.debian.org> writes:

> I don't sign this list, so please answer me directly if possible (but
> I'll check the list archive anyway). I have already wrote to
> debian-user (which I sign) but got no answer.
> First, I have to congratulate gnome mantainer, man you are really
> fast! :-) 

> I have installed the new gnome 0.30 packages two days ago, and I
> noticed it conflicts with KDE. More precisely both KDE and gnome write
> information about their packages in the same directory. The result is,
> if I install them together, the gnome panel gets messy (I didn't try
> KDE, after seeing this behavior in gnome I simply uninstalled KDE with
> dpkg --purge).

I'm aware of this behaviour.  I had talked to the Gnome guys, and was
hoping that they would fix it upstream, but they didn't.

Stephan Kulow said the use of /usr/share/apps by KDE was an arbitrary
decision on his part, and he was willing to move it in his packages.
I told him not to move it, because I though Gnome was going to move
theirs (which didn't happen).  I'll have to do some more research on
this issue to decide what to do next.

> I have the feeling of having read that this "bug" would be cleaned in
> this gnome release (it was introduced in 0.25 or 0.27), but I am not
> sure. Any hints when this will be fixed (I want to set KDE to my
> girlfriend :-).

I'll look into it.  It might not get fixed right away however.
Remember, Gnome is still under very active development, so don't
expect bug-free software at this point.


 - Jim

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