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Re: Gnome 0.30 x KDE.

> Paulo Jose da Silva e Silva <paulojs@leia.debian.org> writes:
> > I don't sign this list, so please answer me directly if possible (but
> > I'll check the list archive anyway). I have already wrote to
> > debian-user (which I sign) but got no answer.
> > 
> > First, I have to congratulate gnome mantainer, man you are really
> > fast! :-) 
> Thanks.
> > I have installed the new gnome 0.30 packages two days ago, and I
> > noticed it conflicts with KDE. More precisely both KDE and gnome write
> > information about their packages in the same directory. The result is,
> > if I install them together, the gnome panel gets messy (I didn't try
> > KDE, after seeing this behavior in gnome I simply uninstalled KDE with
> > dpkg --purge).
> I'm aware of this behaviour.  I had talked to the Gnome guys, and was
> hoping that they would fix it upstream, but they didn't.
> Stephan Kulow said the use of /usr/share/apps by KDE was an arbitrary
> decision on his part, and he was willing to move it in his packages.
> I told him not to move it, because I though Gnome was going to move
> theirs (which didn't happen).  I'll have to do some more research on
> this issue to decide what to do next.
To change this in KDE it's a small change in kdelibs's rules file and
to rerelease all packages depending on kdelibs (I'm not aware of other
packages than mine).

But KDE is not using this directory as it, it's just used as place for
KDE applications to save their data to.

Greetings, Stephan

Stephan Kulow (coolo@kde.org)
Student of medical CS
Medical University of Luebeck (MFCH)

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