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Re: When a source package splits into two

Oops, I missed the original mail.

On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 02:15:05AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Craig Small wrote:
> >   I'm now maintinaing the djtools package, which has an interesting problem;
> > it doesn't really exist.  What does exist is hptools and djscript which are
> > two separate programs written by the same author.

No Sir. The upstream authors are different.

> > Should I split the debian packages into two or just keep them all in one?

Why? When I originally created the package I thought about this too, but
decided against it. You just create two very small packages for exactly the
same set of users. A user without HP Deskjet doesn't need either and a user
with Deskjet can use both.


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