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Package Pool (was: Re: Renaming 'math' section 'science')

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.Arizona.EDU> wrote:
> 	I think a solution that allows migration would help.  Keep the
> current system, but begin to allow the logical fields and change tools to
> optionally use the logical fields. Then in the future, after the new
> system is well implemented and tested, mandate a change to the new system.

I've got the room to set up a parallel ``master'' on www.uk.debian.org, and 
can give accounts to anyone wanting to help with the effort.

I'd suggest adding something to the jobs that process Incoming on master, so 
that it copies every package that hits Incoming to an incoming directory on 

That way we can copy the existing files on the www.uk mirror into the new 
structure, and run the new and old setups in parallel.

Once we are happy that the new setup works, we can migrate master to use it,
and perhaps continue with a parallel ``master'' setup on www.uk for extra

Cheers, Phil.

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