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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

On 30 Sep 1998, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> >> "EZ" == Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> writes:
> >> "Me?  Use a package manager?  When hell freezes!"
> EZ> IIRC, they use "installpkg" to install a Slackware tgz. That does a
> Well, on #debian, I spoke to one of these guys. He said he wants to
> compile everything on his own. Because this way he will learn more. He 
> doesn't want any precompiled stuff and such.
> I asked him what exactly he would learn, if he has build fetchamil
> 4.5.0 till 4.5.5 and now there is 4.5.6. I said this is pure routine
> by then and that he could better things during the time he spends for
> recompiling.
> He couldn't answer this.

he doesn't have to answer this. it's his system, he can recompile
everything on it if he chooses. this is a system admin's prerogative
which should never be disputed.

all you do by arguing with him about this is confirm his (false) belief
that debian will restrict his freedom to administer his system as he
pleases. this, naturally, gets his back up and he becomes very resistant
to the idea of using debian (or any package manager).

instead, it is better to emphasise that the debian package manager is
a suite of tools useful for automating this time-consuming and routine

if he tries it, he'll probably like it (because dpkg really does make
that job easier and less tedious)....and eventually settle into doing
what most of us do: use debian pre-compiled packages for the bulk of the
system, recompile some packages when he needs different compile time
options or a different version etc, and maybe share his work by becoming
a debian developer and uploading his locally-built packages.

> I don't understand these guys. They waste so much time on
> timeconsuming routine work ...

they often see it as a choice between freedom to do it their way or
being forced into someone else's way.


craig sanders

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