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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

>> "SL" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> writes:

SL> Also one can customize the compilation to their machine specifically. 
SL> The same options aren't the best for all machines.

In what way? Using pentium optimisation? Ok, if one found out for
himself that performance gained has a greater value than time spend
until the programm is finally installed, then this is fine.

I prefer a system, where all parts fit together. I wouldn't want to
fetch the upstream source and do all the thing a maintainer does to
convert it to a debian package. And this is what this slackware guy
does, if I understood him correctly. Maybe the parts of a slackware
system don't have such a interaction like this is the case in debian,
so that he doesn't take care if it fits. If it doesn't fit, he has to
resolve the problems manually.

Rebuilding debian packages is a completly different thing.

To me it appeared that he compiles everything himself just "because".

>> I don't understand these guys. They waste so much time on
>> timeconsuming routine work ...

SL> You mean you actually *WAIT* for a compile?  Wow.  I went on IRC
SL> or hopped over to my NT box, rebooted it to Win95 and played games
SL> or something.  Sheesh.  A person using Linux who doesn't
SL> multitask, go fig.

Pardon me. I have a P90 with 48MB. I usually activly use X with xemacs and
gnus, netscape4, a mysql server and webserver. If I start do build one 
of the bigger packages, I can watch the xterm showing themselves line
by line, if I switch the virtual desk.

So yes, when I do a big build, I can hardly do anything complicated.

It may be hard to belive, but I also only have *one* computer. And to
be honest: Playing games just because my box builds a programm, I could 
have installed in a breze with apt-get.

While you build your one programm, I have done a complete apt-get
upgrade. and have finished half of my other work.

*This* is efficient.

BTW: Do you compile X yourself? Brandon was cursing all the time,
because it took that long and used his resources.

It may be dependent on how much time one has to toy with compiling,
but it is certainly *no* option for me.



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