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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

On 30 Sep 1998 23:22:22 +0200, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

>In what way? Using pentium optimisation? Ok, if one found out for
>himself that performance gained has a greater value than time spend
>until the programm is finally installed, then this is fine.

    For any optimization.

>I prefer a system, where all parts fit together.

    This is not an issue.

>convert it to a debian package. And this is what this slackware guy
>does, if I understood him correctly.

    No.  In most cases a Slack person can ftp the source, do a ./configure
and then a make, make install and be done.  It really isn't that hard.

>Maybe the parts of a slackware system don't have such a interaction like >this is the case in debian, so that he doesn't take care if it fits. If it >doesn't fit, he has to resolve the problems manually.

    The same can be said about Debian.  If it doesn't fit, it has to be made
to fit.  In the two years I ran Slackware I hardly had any problems.  I've
had *more* problems with Debian in one year than I have had with Slack in
two.  I'm not saying that is good or bad, just stating a fact.

>To me it appeared that he compiles everything himself just "because".

    And we just install packages just "because."  It is different, deal with

>Pardon me. I have a P90 with 48MB. I usually activly use X with xemacs and
>gnus, netscape4, a mysql server and webserver. If I start do build one 
>of the bigger packages, I can watch the xterm showing themselves line
>by line, if I switch the virtual desk.

    Hey, not my fault you use a bloated pig like emacs.  :P

    I've got a P100 w/64Mb of RAM.  However, when I first started out it was
a 486DX4-100 w/40Mb of RAM.  I, too, made extensive use of its facilities
and, in fact, still do today.  However, if you start a large build and can
see xterms slow down, time to get a better video card.
>It may be hard to belive, but I also only have *one* computer. And to
>be honest: Playing games just because my box builds a programm, I could 
>have installed in a breze with apt-get.

    The point I was making and you gleefully missed, I can only assume, on
purpose, is that when the box is compiling one can go do other things.  In my
case I have the option of doing other things on another computer *IF* I so
choose, or I can continue to work on the Linux box.

>While you build your one programm, I have done a complete apt-get
>upgrade. and have finished half of my other work.

    This assumes I stop everything else on that Linux box.  I don't.  There
is no difference to me other that computational time and that is something
that my box has an over abundance of if distributed.net's stats have anything
to say about it.

>*This* is efficient.

    And compiling your own stuff also has advantages.  Big whoop.

>BTW: Do you compile X yourself? Brandon was cursing all the time,
>because it took that long and used his resources.

    Yes.  I compiled X in one window, went to another and coninued on with my
work.  I also recompiled libc, kernels and damn near everything else and
didn't think twice.  The only reason I use Debian's packages is because it
makes for easier uninstalls of things so I can test more.  I also felt that
I've done enough compiling, don't need the security or performance of each
tweak but felt confident that if I needed to, I could go back and install
from scratch if need be.

>It may be dependent on how much time one has to toy with compiling,
>but it is certainly *no* option for me.

    Oh, it is an option, just not one you choose.  However, with there is no
other option I do hope that you'd actually get down and get your hands dirty
with a program you need instead of wait for a package to come out.


    That's the point, people who run Slackware and like to compile do so
because their milage does vary, please don't get all snooty on this list when
speaking about them.

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