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Re: Bug#27215: suggested extension for equivs

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Francesco Potorti` wrote:

> Package: equivs
> Version: 1.0.5-3
> Severity: wishlist
> I see that equivs can make the system think that a package is installed, in
> order to satisfy other packages'  dependencies.  I'd need te opposite: make
> the system  think a package  is required.  The  reason is that I  have Star
> Office 40 installed, which needs the libc5 xpm library.  From time to time,
> I  remove that  library  as it  is not  required  by any  package, only  to
> discover later that staroffice does not work any more.  I'd love to have it
> depend on a fake package.
I'm sorry to say so, but since i have no need for equivs myself and given 
the fact that the new apt can't be fooled by it i have no interest in 
further developing this package. Actually it was a bad hack anyway. But if 
anybody is interested in taking over it's maintenance to further enhance it 
just drop me a note.
                                    Thanks, P. *8^)
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