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Debian packages, gnome-objc and gnome-guile


In case anybody is wondering where the Debian packages are, I've got
them almost ready to go.

Unfortunately, gnome-objc and gnome-guile were not released with the
0.30 release - and the 0.27 release of those won't build with the new

Also, gnome-games and gnome-admin were not released with 0.30.  I need
to recompile those because the SONAME has changed on the newest
libgtk-1.1 package - which breaks them.  The old sources won't work
because they need gnome-objc and gnome-guile.

I guess I should have rebuilt 0.27 before I did 0.30.  :-(

Also, gtop and gedit are now in separate packages, which haven't been
released yet.

I think it's best that I delay releasing the Debian packages until
these packages are released upstream...  I don't want to break stuff
(although I guess everything is going to break with the new libgtk-1.1
anyways).  If I have to wait more than a few days, I'll rebuild the
0.27 packages - and then release what is available from 0.30.

Actually, if anybody wants to make NMU's of the gnome 0.27 stuff
linked against the new libgtk-1.1, I'd really appreciate that.


 - Jim

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