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Re: Back to RedHat

debian-alpha-request@lists.debian.org wrote:

> Now this point was the one that really got me! DIVERSITY!!
> If you don't like DIVERSITY, freedom of choice, maybe you should stick with M$?
> They will ram there OS down your trough, and you don't have any thing to say
> about that.

I have to chuckle at this. More HW/SW run under Microsoft
than on any other platform in existence. The only problem
is you don't get the source. Be specific. You want not
only a choice, but access to the source code too...

Also, Microsoft doesn't ram anything anywhere. The sheer
mass of the number of users requires one to be compatible
or you get cut off from that group of people. The real
issue is to have open standards for interchange of data
which allows anyone the opportunity to build SW that can
talk to other SW that follows the standard.


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