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Re: Name clashes [Was: Intent to package: molecular biology programs

On Wed, Sep 23, 1998 at 07:02:20PM +1000, Tyson Dowd wrote:

> I think this is an OK solution.  I think it is important that there is one
> manager package (gensoft) that actually owns the directory
> /usr/lib/gensoft.  The gensoft package has the job of making it easier
> for users to add all those binaries to their path (and maybe other
> things too eventually).

Can I object to the term "gensoft"?  It sounds much more like "general
software" than "genetic software".

Since anything in /usr/lib is likely to be software-related anyway, why not
call it /usr/lib/genetic?

Also, if you do make a bunch of wrapper scripts or symlinks to the original
binaries, I think /usr/bin/genetic would be better for the symlink farm than
/usr/lib/genetic -- they're binaries, after all.

Have fun,


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