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Re: Debian MIPS port

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:

> Yesterday I purchased a DECstation 5000/133 which I was infomred is a MIPS 
> machine...

MIPS machine indeed: R3010 @ 33 MHz, up to 40 MB RAM, NCR 53C94 SCSI
controller, AMD 7990 LANCE ethernet, Zilog Z8530 serial ports.
(see http://decstation.unix-ag.org/ for more informations about the status
for the Linux port for this machine...)

> Who else is (or was being it stalled) working on this port? 

I used too last summer. But everything must be redone, since my few
packages are way outdated...

> Where are we?
> (btw I paid $25 for it (with vt320 and cables)....hope I didn't pay too 
> much :) )

Nope, it's a good bargain.
(well good bargain if you're interested into porting Linux on it, overwise
it's a bit expensive for a door-stop ;)


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