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Debian MIPS port

I was just informed (after a question on Debian-User) to look
at www.debian.org/ports 

I see that the MIPS port is stalled and in need of developer support, and
that inqueries should be sent to debian-devel.

Yesterday I purchased a DECstation 5000/133 which I was infomred is a MIPS 
I still need a hard drive and I am going to have to use a VT320 on
the serial port to run it but...

Who else is (or was being it stalled) working on this port? 
If I can get this system up and running I would be glad to
help (is this machine one that coul dbe used?...This is my first MIPS
machine :) )

Where are we?
(btw I paid $25 for it (with vt320 and cables)....hope I didn't pay too 
much :) )


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