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Re: potential internet access loss =<

On Mon, Sep 21, 1998 at 01:52:00PM +0000, Joseph Carter wrote:
> In the meantime I will try and convert mailing list subscriptions to go to
> master rather than earthlink so I won't LOSE anything in theory, but I will
> probably be missing a few things because of volume if I do lose access. 
> I'll work out something for downloading mail from master today since it
> doesn't have a pop3 server.  Something probably related to scp, but I'd like
> to have the whole process be initiated on my end so I can set up the system
> to ask for mail regularly when I'm connected, regardless of provider used.
> Hopefully this will not be necessary and I can revert to the standard
> just-deliver-to-isp setup in a few days.  If nothing else I'll pick up a 30
> day throwaway while I work on getting myself more secure access.

I can set you up with a temporary account on buoy.com until you get settled.
Send me email there (address in sig).


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