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potential internet access loss =<

I may within a day or two perhaps lose net access.  My bill is automatically
paid from credit card because that and direct check debit are the ONLY
methods of payment Earthlink accepts.

My credit card became useless with moving---moving an account across state
lines doesn't work and my card was actually an ATM credit card.  I don't
have the new card yet, sooo..

In the meantime I will try and convert mailing list subscriptions to go to
master rather than earthlink so I won't LOSE anything in theory, but I will
probably be missing a few things because of volume if I do lose access. 
I'll work out something for downloading mail from master today since it
doesn't have a pop3 server.  Something probably related to scp, but I'd like
to have the whole process be initiated on my end so I can set up the system
to ask for mail regularly when I'm connected, regardless of provider used.

Hopefully this will not be necessary and I can revert to the standard
just-deliver-to-isp setup in a few days.  If nothing else I'll pick up a 30
day throwaway while I work on getting myself more secure access.

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