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Re: Afterstep classic

On Sun, Sep 20, 1998 at 01:56:49AM -0700, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > There was a 1.1, most of which was just a patch and has been since converged
> > with 1.4 as I understand it.  1.1 was called Afterstep Classic.
> This was 2 1/2 month ago... What happened? Is there going to be a 'afterstep-classic'
> package? I have one packaged and ready... Where can I find the 1.1 patch?

I have a package, but it needs to conflict with afterstep notclassic.

I have another package, but suggests afterstep (and you'll be without
modules if you don't install it) that doesn't QUITE work yet.  I've almost
got it, I'll work on it a little more (hopefully to release-able) when I get
settled in again..

I just moved, crossing state lines.  My bank account had to be closed and
reopened, my job offer didn't happen, and my new roommate has decided she
needs to move which means I have to move sooner.  All in all, I'm a bit busy
now.  =p  If nobody objects, I'll upload the conflicts with afterstep
package in the next day or two.

As to 1.1, I do not know.  =<

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