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Re: Deleting a package from the distribution

Gordon Russell wrote:
> Package: blt4.2, blt4.2-dev
> I would like to propose that blt4.2 be completely deleted from the current
> distribution. It has been updated by the upstream author, and has been
> repackaged as blt8.0 (it is now compatible with tk/tcl 8.0). Currently,
> the version of blt4.2 conflicts with blt8.0 to such an extent that their
> is no clean solution to allowing both (as they contain shared libraries
> I am unhappy at making them "Conflict") and as no other package uses blt4.2
> It is also problematic maintaining, as I have to unload and reload different
> tk/tcl versions to compile it. I would like to see it dropped completely.
> If they are no objections, could someone remove it?

File a bug report against ftp.debian.org.



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