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Deleting a package from the distribution

Package: blt4.2, blt4.2-dev

I would like to propose that blt4.2 be completely deleted from the current
distribution. It has been updated by the upstream author, and has been
repackaged as blt8.0 (it is now compatible with tk/tcl 8.0). Currently,
the version of blt4.2 conflicts with blt8.0 to such an extent that their
is no clean solution to allowing both (as they contain shared libraries
I am unhappy at making them "Conflict") and as no other package uses blt4.2
It is also problematic maintaining, as I have to unload and reload different
tk/tcl versions to compile it. I would like to see it dropped completely.
If they are no objections, could someone remove it?


Gordon Russell
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