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bzip2 (Re: Debian too big? (Re: intent to package: gmt generic mapping tools))

On Wed 16 Sep 1998, Russell Coker wrote:

> >> 1) This would suck for people on 486s and 386 and those who are low on RAM
> >bzip2 is a pig.
> >
> >hey bzip2 work fine for me on my 68040/25MHz, at least for unpacking, packing could be a bit slower but that is only for package maintainer and i guess we people use 386 for packaging lets say X or glibc :)
> One issue of bzip2 is it's memory requirements.  On a machine with small RAM

A new version was announced not too long ago. Unfortunately that seems
to have caused the home page's quota to be exceeded, so I can't check
the info. However, I recall that it was speeded up quite a lot, maybe
memory requirements have also been improved.

Paul Slootman
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