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Re: Bug#26511: kernel-package: make-kpkg binary make a broken kernel-source package containing a tarball

>>>>> "Manoj" == Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> writes:
    Manoj> 	If indeed all it needs is the running kernel, and not
    Manoj> the kernel sources or include files, then surely this
    Manoj> discussion is moot?  I was under the impression that pcmcia
    Manoj> modules does need the kernel sources in order to build, but
    Manoj> I could be wrong.

Mea culpa, I'm slightly inaccurate.  pcmcia-source as provided
upstream offers to read the current kernel as one means of extracting
the necessary knowledge.  pcmcia-source as Brian configures it in the
debian packagereads from a configured kernel source tree.  And yes,
you're corrent, it would still need the kernel source (to build the
IBM Token Ring driver for instance).

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