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Re: Bug#26511: kernel-package: make-kpkg binary make a broken kernel-source package containing a tarball


	[copying to debian-devel in case anyone else is interested in
>>"Gregory" == Gregory S Stark <gsstark@mit.edu> writes:

 >> One of the reasons that one needs kernel headers is for modules,
 >> like pcmcia-cs et al, and there a (IMHO) better solution has been
 >> reached.

 Gregory> What was it? This was in fact what I needed the headers for.

	One way to compile pcmcia is to use the kernel-package
 package. Go to the top of the kernel source tree, whereever that
 maybe, Configure the kernel for your machine (generates a few
 required .h files); and run
 # Only Configure the modules in /usr/src/modules/<module>
 % make-kpkg modules_config
 # Only generate the module image packages
 % make-kpkg modules_image      
 # generate the modules packages and sign them with dchanges
 % make-kpkg modules

	For all independent modules packages in /usr/src/modules/; the
 kernel package shall change dir into theat directory, and run
 ./debian/rules <target>; while passing in the following variables:
 a) The kernel version (KVERS)
 b) The location of kernel source directory (KSRC)
 c) The PGP name of the maintainer (KMAINT)
 d) The email of the maintainer (KEMAIL)

	<target> is one of kdist_configure, kdist_image, or kdist;
 corresponding to the three make-kpkg invocations above.

	This allows pcmcia packages to dispense with a dependency on
 kernel-aource packages (why can't one just use regular sources from
 Linus?) and lower them to a suggestion; making it amply clear in the
 description/documentation that one needs to get kernel sources, that
 one need to feed the location into the pcmcia modules by saying stuff
 like ./debian/rules KSRC=/usr/local/src/my/kernel/ binary or some
 such. Suggesting kernel-package would not hurt either.

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