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Debian blt8.0-2.4 packages and moodss

Hi Gordon, 

seems we have duplicated our efforts as I just finished testing my own blt8.0
package as announced on debian-devel and wnpp.

I'd of course be quite happy to use your package as you are the official 
maintainer. Alas, it seems I still might have to issue forth my own version of
BLT2.4 which I packaged as prerequisite for moodss, a Tcl/Tk spreadsheet:
When using bltwish 2.4f in your package, moodss just dumps core due to a seg-
mentation fault while it works fine with my bltwish (actually 2.4e, but that
shouldn't matter according to moodss's author...).

Funnily enough I also did not succeed getting the shared library to work:
When using plain wish moodss dumps core as well when trying to load the lib.
Same behaviour with blt2.4f... My workaround was making the moodss script 
an executable calling bltwish via #!/usr/bin/bltwish.

While I am not quite happy with my own BLT package either, I'd very much like 
to get moodss (and tktable, another prerequiste for moodss) uploaded so that
public testing might start.

Now what we gonna do about BLT ?
I could just upload blt8.0-2.4e and make moodss depend on that version, but
that seems an awful waste of server space on debian.org to me.

Perhaps you (and other developers, for that matter) could comment which 
approach to make towards solving this problem...

Another question:
What could be the reason that debhelper recognizes Tktable.so.2.3 as shared     
library and correctly includes a shlibs file, while lintian admonishes the
tktable package contains no shlib and thus should not feature a shlibs file ?

E: tktable: pkg-without-shlibs-has-shlibs-control-file
W: tktable: obsolete-ldconfig-call-in-postinst

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