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Re: C-Kermit doesn't like me

> Args.  The Debian version of kermit looks completely unusable to me.
> Why does it write "+++ ATQ0V1H0" to the modem all the time?  I'm in
> CON(sole) mode and write "ATZ", I don't see the reply from the modem,
> the lights flicker, so the command was executed and right after that I
> see this "+++ ATQ0V1H0".  This is *NOT* written in my .mykermrc and
> *NOT* listed in /etc/ckermit.ini which I have renamed to ckermit.inix
> so kermit doesn't use it.
> Do I miss something or is the current version of kermit simply
> corrupt?

Looks to me like you're running mgetty on the same port, and you've managed to 
get kermit not to lock the port, so mgetty is resetting the modem while you're 
using it.

The most common way of getting into this situation is to call the port by 
different names in the two programs (i.e /dev/ttyS0 & /dev/modem, or 
/dev/ttyS0 and /dev/cua0).

Try switching off mgetty (or whatever it is that is running on the modem 
port), and see if the problem goes away.  If it does, make sure that all 
programs refer to the port by one name (i.e. /dev/ttyS*)

Cheers, Phil.

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