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Re: Name clashes [Was: Intent to package: molecular biology programs

On Saturday 29 August 1998, at 19 h 37, the keyboard of Tyson Dowd 
<trd@cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:

> How about
> 	- "phylip factor"
> *and*
> 	- /usr/lib/phylip/bin/factor
> The user can change their path if they would like "raw" access to the
> programs, and use the phylip wrapper if they would prefer that.
> README.debian can tell the user about this convention.

I implemented this solution in the beta Phylip package but primary testers were disatisfied. Since there are many biology packages, they would have to add many /usr/lib/packagename/bin in their PATH. 

I suggest to implement your solution *plus* a generic /usr/lib/gensoft/bin and a symbolic link to each raw program. So, mostly-biology users (most of our users here...) could add once for all /usr/lib/gensoft/bin in their PATH.

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