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Re: Not only KDE

> I quick look suggests that we have much more trouble ahead than just KDE. If
> I understood the problem correctly, also packages linked against xforms
> cannot be GPL. Correct?

Not "cannot be GPL", rather cannot be distributed under GPL 
 _without special permission to do so_

All that needs to be done is a spacial clause to the license that says
something like: "As a special exception Lyx may be distributed even if it's
dependent on libforms without providing the source to libforms, as long as
every other requirement of the license is met." I'm not a lawyer, so someone
should look up the right way to phrase it.

Basically, this situation is not a problem if the authors are willing to grant
permission to distribute their program. The problem with KDE is that the
authors are allegedly unwilling to fix the license to allow such. Well, that
and the fact that the Qt license could be interpretted to disallow it because
it says the program must be distributed under the GPL, not the GPL plus
special exceptions.


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