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Re: Suggestion for Xsession

On Mon, Sep 07, 1998 at 07:02:42PM -0400, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:

>  > I propose a small change to /etc/X11/Xsession to allow users having
>  > ..xsession files that aren't executable. This isn't a big deal, just
>  > a small convenience that probably would save some seconds for
>  > many people. I suggest to change:
>  >
>  > Would there be any problem with this?
> Yes, What if the user's .xsession were a {C,Perl,bash} program?

Digital Unix will see if .xsession is executable.  If not, it will run it
through /bin/sh instead.  It's much more user-friendly that way...

 (...who can't answer "Then why isn't .bashrc executable" in less than
  200 words)

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