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Re: Can we pull KDE?

Jens Ritter <jens@weh.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> On the other hand the KDE people are free to change the license
> conditions on the software they wrote.  As I understand it, so far a
> written message of the author in which he expresses his intent to
> change the license to a free one was and is good enough to include a
> package with a non DFSG license. I would rather not like to change
> this.  (e.g. I am working on such a package right now.) 

This borders on the truth.  The current license is not DFSG, since
GPL+Qt explicitly disallows any distribution.  Also, while we agreed
that a license which allows distribution could let KDE be distributed,
that hasn't happened yet, and doesn't begin to cover all the current

> KDE's developers are free to choose the toolkit they want and the
> license they want. If it is free in the DFSG free sense, there is no
> problem for us. If not we can't distribute it. Full stop.

Then again, since KDE is not DFSG free, this is completely irrelevant.

> So instead of proposing full removal, please take care to only file bugs
> against the programs with bogus licenses.

Err... all of KDE has bogus licenses in one respect or another.  

In any event, for package removal, you must file a report against
ftp.debian.org, not the package.


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