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Re: [gnu.gnustep.discuss] Debian package of gstep-xraw

The current packages in unstable have a gstep-xraw package.

>     Another problem is (well, was.. I don't know if that was solved)
> that the gstep-make package doesn't set right the sonames of the shared
> libs, i.e., it doesn't uses the major version of the library as part
> of the soname. I wrote to the gnustep list about that and I also sent
> some diffs but they didn't incorporated them and told me they weren't
> interested in that (this is the main reason of me quitting to track
> the gnustep stuff *grin*)

well, that was a bug in gstep-make I fixed ... but those patches
didn't appear as a bug report.

GNUstep wants the user to source /usr/lib/GNUstep/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh 
before using it.

Yes, Workspace.app comes up, but has still many bugs ...

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