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Re: [gnu.gnustep.discuss] Debian package of gstep-xraw

On 1 Sep 1998, Paul Seelig wrote:

> This is a Debian related message from "gnu.gnustep.discuss".  Any idea
> about this?
> GNUstep is gaining quite some momentum in the last time and IMHO it's
> the most interesting desktop project when comparing it with the whole
> KDE/GNOME hype.  The core developers are currently setting up CVS
> access to speed up it's development.  How could Debian help out for
> those people?
> I just keep wondering why the (by now outdated) Debian packages are
> held in contrib instead of the main distribution where it should
> belong to IMHO since it is a GNU project?

Excerpt from /usr/doc/gstep-base/README.Debian

The GNUstep packages use a directory layout that doesn't conform to the
FSSTND, therefore the packages go into the contrib section of Debian.

This isn't a valid reason, is it?

The correct approach in this case is to try to coerce the package into FHS
by modifying source and/or playing symlink games.  However, I'm not aware
that non-FHS compliance puts it in contrib. It just makes it buggy.


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