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Re: continued problems with 2.88 meg image

On Mon, Aug 31, 1998 at 05:13:01PM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Jeff Noxon wrote:
> > I've often wondered if what you're trying to do is possible.  Can you
> > boot a 2.88 meg CD image on a machine with a BIOS that doesn't even
> > support 2.88 meg drives?  Inquiring minds want to know.
> Am I really the first person to try this?

Do you really want to know the answer?  :)

> It was my understanding that the -s option on syslinux bypassed the bios
> and provided its own routines.

I must admit I don't know much about syslinux.

> > Can you create a 1.44 meg image using the same steps you used to create
> > the 2.88 meg image, and try agin?  That should tell you what the problem
> > is -- your method, or SysLinux/BIOS.  See if you can boot the resulting
> > 1.44 meg image from the floppy drive, and then again from CD.
> > 
> I didn't bother to burn a CD to test, but the same process (only reducing
> the -s option to 18) when copied to a floppy works fine.


> > Did you place a valid boot sector on your 2.88 image?  I don't think
> I supposed that mformat or syslinux did that. There is certainly one on
> the 1.44 meg image I built.
> > any of the Linux tools will write a valid MBR.  You can copy one from a
> > DOS formatted 1.44 meg disk.  (Use dd to write the first 512 bytes.)
> > 
> What suggests that "Linux tools" don't write valid MBRs? The rescue
> floppies are all built with "Linux tools". Why should this one image be
> particular?

When I used format floppies with mtools, they didn't have valid boot
records.  They would just lock up the machine if I booted with one in
the drive.

Again, I don't know about syslinux or the normal boot disc creation
process.  What you're saying makes sense.

> > > Loading Boot record from CDROM..Not found
> > 
> > These messages seem to suggest the absence of a valid floppy boot record.
> > 
> But the other machine recognized the drive and image. The machine that
> says "Not Found" also takes about a minute (on a 16x drive) "looking" at
> the CD before it decides this. I suspect that the error drops out
> differently, but for the same reasons on each machine.

It's a shame the error messages are so generic.  :)

> I have looked at the two files, and they have slightly different boot
> records, as well as the 2.88 image declaring FAT16, while the 1.44 image
> is declared FAT12

Can you format a FAT16 1.44 meg disk?  I wonder if syslinux is making an
assumption that a floppy is FAT12?  It's a stretch...

> This is beginning to look like a BIOS problem, as syslinux doesn't even
> get started (no prompt). Probably with the bios not recognizing the drive
> type of the image :-(

Likely, but who knows.

> Know anyone with a 2.88 meg drive?

I've asked around here ... no bites.

> > Good luck,
> It appears that I need more than I have ;-)

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...  :(


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