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Re: continued problems with 2.88 meg image

I've often wondered if what you're trying to do is possible.  Can you
boot a 2.88 meg CD image on a machine with a BIOS that doesn't even
support 2.88 meg drives?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Can you create a 1.44 meg image using the same steps you used to create
the 2.88 meg image, and try agin?  That should tell you what the problem
is -- your method, or SysLinux/BIOS.  See if you can boot the resulting
1.44 meg image from the floppy drive, and then again from CD.

Did you place a valid boot sector on your 2.88 image?  I don't think
any of the Linux tools will write a valid MBR.  You can copy one from a
DOS formatted 1.44 meg disk.  (Use dd to write the first 512 bytes.)

> Loading Boot record from CDROM..Not found

These messages seem to suggest the absence of a valid floppy boot record.

Good luck,


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