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continued problems with 2.88 meg image

Thanks to the help I got with mformat, I was able to build a 2.88 meg
floppy image, but it doesn't work when used as the "boot image" for the

On one machine I get the following:

Loading Boot record from CDROM..OK
Boot failed

On the other machine it says:

Loading Boot record from CDROM..Not found

When I use loadlin to boot the kernel using my new root.bin everything
works fine.

This suggests either problems with SysLinux or some failure of the Bios.

I suppose that this is all related to trying to use the 2.88 meg image.
Neither of the machines supports such a drive (Well, at least there is no
such drive on the machine), so this could be part of the problem.

When mkisofs builds the CD it recognizes the image as 2.88 and seems to
build the CD correctly.

Is there any way to tell if SysLinux is actually executed?

I tried both the normal and the -s options with no difference in the

I've backed myself into a corner hear and can't seem to figure out what is
wrong. Any ideas would be helpful.


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