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Re: more developer identity stuff

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Nathan E Norman:
> Well, if you want to call that "easy" :)

I do, having suffered mush, VMS Mail, and various other horrors for
years. :)

> other MUA.  I wish wichever MUA I was using was smart enough to know
> that the message I'm replying to came from a mailing list, and would
> prompt me whether to reply to the list, the author, or both (like most
> newsreaders do).  

I don't think Pine has support for that, but that Mutt does. You can
configure Mutt to recognize certain addresses as list addresses, and
Mutt can then Do The Right Thing based on that information. (This is not
usable for me, as it happens, since I'd have to configure Mutt all much
too often.)

> I'll look forward to your work!

Unfortunately, unless I can find someone to give me a megabuck or so,
I can't afford to write my dream mailer. I keep hoping someone else will.

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